Feature rich SQL editor for increased productivity

The SQL editor built into averSQL is packed full of features that allows you to increase your productivity while working with SQL Anywhere, SAP ASE, SQL Server, Oracle, and any database accessible through ODBC. The following is a short list of some of the things you'll find:

  • Script Auto Complete
  • Custom Auto Complete Lists
  • Code Templates
  • Display column lists in editor
  • Syntax Folding
  • Go To Definition Shortcut
  • Display Procedure Parameters in Editor
  • Generate and Insert GUID's
  • Auto Indenting
  • SQL History
  • Multi-Select Text
  • Internet Search Anything

Quick access to data with less typing

Retrieving and updating data from your database has never been easier. averSQL comes with three different query screens; SQL Query, Criteria Query, and Graphic Query. The SQL query screen is the one most database developers are accustomed too. You type ad-hoc SQL, you get results. The criteria query and graphic query screens help to simply this process.

Criteria Query - This concept is unique to averSQL. The criteria query screen presents a database table to you as an "entry form". All you have to do is type a value in one of the fields and the SQL auto generates for you. You can use the main criteria query screen, which lists all tables in the database. Or, you can right click on a table in the object browser to retrieve data for that single table.

Graphic Query - As its name implies; you create your query graphically by adding, dragging and joining tables on the screen with your mouse.

Powerful tools help make your job easier

averSQL is more than just an SQL editor and query tool. There are many built in tools that you can use to perform important tasks. Whether you're searching an SQL Anywhere, SAP ASE, SQL Server or ODBC database for specific text, doing a visual difference between two instances, or debugging a stored procedure; you're covered.

  • SQL Anywhere and SAP ASE Debugger
  • Source Control Integration
  • Database Search
  • Data Transfer
  • Visual Difference
  • Script Complete Notification
  • Clipboard Saver
  • Object Lists
  • Object Browser
  • External Tools