averSQL – New development tool for SQL Anywhere and SAP ASE

Introducing averSQL

averSQL  (pronounced ey-ver-S-Q-L) is an SQL editor and SQL query tool designed to work specifically for SQL Anywhere and SAP ASE. The main goal is to give developers of these databases a better tool to work with instead of having to rely on ISQL (Interactive SQL).

Within averSQL you’ll find things like a debugger, advanced editor features, database search, data transfer, visual difference, quick access to data, quick access to database objects, etc..  For more details, visit our features page.

Some History

Development of averSQL started in 2005 as a simple tool to easily insert new data into a database. New features were added as they were requested and soon, this simple tool morphed into a robust, feature rich query tool. Over the last 11 years, thousands of hours of development have gone into the product. Each development cycle had a common objective, make the database developer using this tool more productive.

Going Forward

If you have idea’s for a cool new feature, we want to hear about it. If you find a bug in the system… we also want to hear about that. Please email us at support@werysoft.com.