Database Search

The Database Search tool can be accessed through the Tools\Database Search menu.

When the search window opens it will determine which data source to use as the default based on the activity of the Object Browser . The data source that currently has focus will be selected. If the current data source is not connected, the last connected data source will be selected.

You can change the data source in the drop down at any time. If the data source that is selected is not connected, the button next to it will read “Connect”. If the data source is connected the button will read “Disconnect”. If you disconnect the data source via the Search window, you will send a disconnect message throughout the whole application. The object browser and all Query windows using that data source will be disconnected. The same applies while connecting.

The database search window gives you a means to search database object syntax for one or more string values. You can enter as many search strings as you like. You can also limit your search to specific object types.

Database Search Window
Database Search Window

All search results are organized into a tree view structure for easy reading. Selecting an object from this tree view will populate the editor control on the window with the objects syntax. The first occurrence of the relevant string will be highlighted. You can use the Find feature at the bottom of the SQL editor to search for any other occurrence.

Once the search is complete, you can print and save your results for later reference.